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Which Wood Preserver for Sheds and Fences?

There are plenty of Coloured and Clear wood preservers available for the garden, sheds and exterior rough sawn timber, but how do you choose which one is best for the job?

We only supply the highest quality wood preserve products, to get the job done right, because who wants to do a job twice! Following we spotlight on a selection of the wood preservers that we stock, which offer a good level of protection against our unpredictable and often extreme weather here in the UK.

Shed Preserver

What colour to chose? Most wood preservers are available in a good range of colours (see our colour charts) which will complement your garden and blend nicely with your planting. Clear is usually used if you are happy with the natural, maybe rustic look or are generally used under exterior oils as a preservative, to give a longer lasting protection against rot or insect infestation.

We would recommend if your timber has been neglected or has been under trees and plants, and has built up mould or Algae on the surface, you should treat it first with Everbuild Fungicidal Wash.

When to apply? is always a tricky one as ideally you want the timber to be dry, and of course this generally (in the case of fences) is when they’re not covered in plant growth and inaccessible, this usually means Spring or Autumn. Most brands are plant and animal friendly, but this is usually stated as ‘when dry’, so care needs to be taken when applying.

Fence Preserve

What to wear?  Lightweight overalls, gloves and safety spectacles are a good idea. See our Protective Equipment range.

How to apply? If using a sprayer to apply it’s a good idea to cover any delicate plants with a thin plastic sheets to protect from any overspray or mist.

Most of the commercially available sprayers are not designed to spray the solvent based products, as the components dissolve. We supply a very durable sprayer Goizper IK6 Multi Fence and Decking sprayer which should, if maintained, give many years of use with either solvent or water based products. It also comes with a choice of nozzles to help ensure an accurate spray pattern.

You can of course apply by brush, our Ronseal Decking and Fence Brush offers a large capacity bristle head size (40mm x 100mm) for easy use on large areas.

How much do you need? This depends on how old your timber is, when it was last treated and if it’s rough sawn. As a rule of thumb if it’s old and dry or rough sawn it will absorb more into the surface, our coverage calculator is formulated for rough sawn. The coverage calculator can be found on our product information pages.

How to choose? –  we’ve summarised the main differences below:

Price per Litre: £4.45£5.39£5.60£3.55£2.37
Colour Options45882
Number of Coats:2 to 32 to 322 to 32
Drying Time:48-72 hours24 hours12 hours24-48 hours48-72 hours
ApplicationBrushBrushBrush or RollerBrush, Roller or SprayBrush or spray