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Sorry To Remind You :(

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Sorry to remind you that autumn officially starts on the 23rd September, therefore time is running out to get all those outside jobs, like protecting your decking, sheds and fences done before winter is here.

Earlier in the year I wrote two blogs, one on ‘which wood preserve to use on Sheds and Fences’ and the other on ‘how to restore your decking in 3 easy steps.’ I hope they helped you? So I thought it might be useful to talk about other outside jobs and again review the options for getting those jobs done both efficiently and cost effectively, . Enabling you them to sit back in front of a nice open fire and smugly take pride in the fact you got all those jobs done!

Which Wood Preserver To Use

What happened to creosote I hear your cry? Well it was banned by the European Commission in 2003 after it was found that it could be a cancer risk. A good thing it was banned for many reasons. I recall my father using creosote with a sprayer, he sensibly wore googles, but as it was a breezy day by the end of the job he’d inadvertently given himself a chemical face peel into the bargain!

We only supply the highest quality wood preserve products, to get the job done right, because who wants to do a job twice? Sorry but we don’t offer free chemical face peels.

Below is a comparison table showing the key point of wood preserver:

Price per Litre:£4.45£5.39£5.50£3.55£2.20
Colour Options45882
Number of Coats:2 to 32 to 322 to 32
Drying Time:48-72 hours24 hours12 hours24-48 hours48-72 hours
ApplicationBrushBrushBrush or RollerBrush, Roller or SprayBrush or spray

Prefer an Oil?

Osmo UV Protection Oil

Osmo offer an UV Protection Oil which contains special clear ingredients to stop the suns rays from ageing and greying your wood, and without losing its natural beauty, colour or character. Based on natural oils, UV Protection Oil 420 Clear will leave a satin-matt finish that is breathable so does not peel, flake or blister.

We recommend that prior to using the Osmo UV protection oil that you first treat the wood with Osmo Wood Protector 4006 , as it will help to make your wood extremely water repellent and stop the black staining you sometime see on water damaged wood. This wood protector is a clear, microporous wood preservative, based on natural vegetable oils and waxes that contains no biocides.

Ronseal Ultimate Protection Hardwood Garden Oil

Alternatively Ronseal make a water-based Ultimate Protection Hardwood Garden Furniture Oil designed for use on any hardwood garden furniture. It nourishes and protects the wood and helps your garden furniture last longer in the rain and sun.

Why not add a splash of colour?

Fancy adding a splash of colour to your garden or hiding hideously stained wood? We stock a wide range of coloured paint for Sheds and Fences including Cuprinol Garden Shades and Ronseal Garden Paint, both competitively priced and far cheaper than buying from the big DIY stores, plus we deliver to your door, so it saves your back from having to carry them!

Any old Iron?

Any metal furniture or fences? Everyone loves a bit of Hammerite to use on metal surfaces and we stock it too! Both in smooth and hammered finish and a again at unbeatable prices.

Our friendly sales team are on hand to help with any question you may have, so just give us a call on 01285 831668 and lets help you get those jobs done!

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