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Peelaway is the Solution You’ve Been Looking For!

Peelaway is the Solution You’ve Been Looking For! You’ve found your perfect house… Congratulations! But now on closer inspection you see there are layers and layers of paint covering every surface, inside and out! Or have you been in your home for a while, living with a period fireplace or architrave that’s been painted over many times? You now want to restore it, but can’t face weeks of scraping and sanding off those layers?

Well we are happy to let you know that Peelaway is the solution to removing those old layers all in one go! The decorating trade trust it and have been using it for years and that’s why we stock it.

What is Peelaway?

Peelaway Paint Remover System comes in two versions: Peelaway 1 for paint from and before the 1970’s, and the water based Peelaway 7. Both are designed for the complete removal of many years worth of layer upon layer of paint in one application. And it works without damaging the surface detail or ruining your hands with lots of sanding. All you need is a spatula to remove it!

Where and Why Use Peelaway 1?

Peelaway 1 is designed to remove very old toxic lead paints (1970s and earlier) from ornate plaster ceiling and cornices, brickwork, masonry, metals, cast iron and woodwork. It can remove upto 32 coats in one go!

The Peelaway 1 paste is formulated to turn the lead paint into lead hydroxide within the paste, so it can be safely removed and disposed of without endangering the environment.

What’s Peelaway 7?

Peelaway 7 is designed to remove many years of accumulated layers of modern paints and lacquers from many exterior and interior architectural surfaces. Like stone, cement, brickwork, plaster walls and ceilings, plain and ornate fibrous plaster cornices, plain and carved or turned woodwork, plain and cast metal work.

Automobile, aircraft and marine coatings are also efficiently stripped with the Peelaway 7 paint remover.

What’s more it’s non toxic, pH neutral, environmentally friendly formulation, low odour and safe to use. It’s Water-Based Bio-Degradable and will not burn your skin.

How it Works.

Peelaway 1 and 7 comprises of a ready mixed paste which is spread over the painted, lacquered or varnished surface. A unique Peelaway Blanket is then laid over the paste and is specially designed to delay the drying process. This subsequently extends the active time and allows Peelaway to reach into the most intricate corners.

Once Peelaway has successfully permeated all of the required layers, the cover can then be removed with the help of a spatula. Then the surface should be washed down with water if using Peelaway 7 or the neutraliser supplied with Peelaway 1.

How Using Peelaway Saves You Time and Money.

Because the Peelaway chemicals are doing the stripping work minimal sanding and scraping is required compared to other methods. Therefore using Peelaway can be very cost effective. It reduces the overall amount of labour required for the paint removal project and the amount of hours needed for scraping and debris collection, which is often very labour and equipment intensive.

Need Extra Blankets? No Problem!

Extra Peelaway 1 blankets and 7 blankets and the Peelaway 1 neutraliser can also be purchased, along with protective floor covers, overalls and gloves.

Unsure Which Peelaway To Use?

Unsure which Peel Away is the right one for your application? Why not try our twin sample pack which contains both Peelaway 1 and Peelaway 7, so that you can be sure you are using the right product for the job.

Please see this helpful video, that shows the Peelaway 1 and 7 Tester Pots in action on the restoration of a beautiful Georgian House in Bath. It shows how 200 years of paint were successfully and safely removed from delicate mouldings, plasterwork and wood. A great examples of Peelaway in use.

For more information and to purchase, please see our Peelaway 1 and Peelaway 7 product pages.

There is only one original patented Peelaway Paint Removal System – please be aware of imitations!

Peelaway is the Solution You’ve Been Looking For!

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