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How to Treat Wooden Worktops.

How to Treat Wooden Worktops.

Is it time you gave your wooden worktops some TLC? Find out in this blog how to care for and treat wooden worktops.

Solid wood worktops look beautiful, but as they are a natural material they do need some tender loving care in order to keep them nourished and protected.

Woca have helpfully created an ‘all-in-one’ Worktop Kit, that contains all you need to treat and maintain wooden kitchen worktops, tabletops and other indoor wood surfaces. The kit contains a 750ml work top oil, 250ml intensive wood cleaner, a black sanding pad, white polishing pad, one lint free cloth, one pair of gloves and work instructions. The kit will leave your worktop nourished, durable and highly water resistant.

What is more Woca Worktop Oil is also approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for contact with foodstuffs

How Often to Oil?

How often to oil your worktops depends on the amount of use they receive. After installation they should be treated weekly for up to to six weeks, then at least once every three months as the surface matures.

To test whether your worktop is adequately oiled drop a bead of water onto the surface. If the water sits in a large bubble and does not spread out, you have successfully re-oiled your worktop. If it doesn’t, re-oil until the water no longer spreads out.

Woca Worktop Oil is Designed to Protect and Enhance Wooden Worktops.

Woca Worktop Oil is designed to protect and enhance new or previously oiled kitchen worktops, tabletops and interior wooden surfaces. It will penetrate in to the surface and leave your worktop nourished, protected and highly water resistant. It will also darken the wood a little to bring out its natural beauty. Woca Worktop Oil is particularly suitable for use on darker woods like Teak, Cherry, Mahogany, Merbeu and many more.

How to Clean Wooden Worktops – Easy; Just use Soap and Water.

To clean your worktops use a damp, soft cloth and a drop or two of washing up liquid in warm water. We do not advise the use of harsh cleaning agents or scouring pads. Then with a lint-free cloth, while taking care to wring out as much excess water as possible, wipe over the surface. Pay careful attention to any particularly stained or dirty areas. Dry using a separate, clean cloth.

Is Your Worktop Marked or Stained? – Have No Fear – You can fix it!

Try not to allow any hot, wet, or dirty items to come into direct contact with your worktop as it can cause staining and damage. Prevention is better than cure, so why not purchase some trivets or worktop protectors to stand your hot pans on.

Liberon Wood Bleacher

However, if your worktop is already marked or stained then we stock Liberon Wood Bleacher which is ideal for removing dark stains on wood caused by rust, alcohol, damp, ink, ring marks and fruit. It can also be used to lighten naturally dark wood or natural wood which has darkened through staining. It does not harm the wood and after re-oiling your worktops be looking tip top once again.

Click here to watch as short Woca ‘How to’ VIDEO on how easy it is to achieve a beautiful long lasting finish with Woca Worktop Oil.

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