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How To Revive Your Decking in 3 Easy Steps

We hope the weather over the Easter holiday was as sunny for you as it was here at Rest Express? Judging by the volume of orders we received, over the Easter weekend, our customers thoughts had turned to getting their garden wood finishes in tip top condition, in anticipation of another fantastic summer. Lets hope! So, we thought in this blog we will show you how to revive your decking in 3 easy steps, which products to use and offer you some great discounts on the high-quality decking products that we stock.

3 easy steps to restore and revive your decking.

Is your garden decking in need of some TLC? Now is the perfect time to make sure you decking is in top shape for the coming summer.

Why Should I Treat My Decking?

Cleaning and then treating your decking with an oil, stain or paint will help to protect it from moisture and weather-related damage, and prolong its lifespan. Cleaning it first will remove any mould and algae that may have built up on it and made it slippery underfoot. Then using an oil will bring the wood back to life or you can stain or paint it to give it a new look. A few hours spent now on treating your decking will make it look great and be ready for summer socialising.

How Do I Restore My Decking?

Here’s how to get the job done in 3 simple steps:

1 Prepare the Decking

First clear the decking of any garden furniture, pots and any other items. Then brush away any debris and loose dirt with a stiff brush.

2 Clean the Decking

Pre washing will remove moss, mould and algae, opening the pores of the timber to allow maximum penetration and adhesion of your new decking oil or decking stain. Use a decking cleaner from Cuprinol, Liberon or Ronseal to quickly and easily clean and revive your decking.

Always test first in an inconspicuous area to check compatibility. Read product label for coverage and dilution instructions, apply with a stiff brush or broom and leave it to work for 15-20 minutes. Scrub the surface again with a stiff broom or brush and wash the surface thoroughly with a hose or ideally a pressure washer. Allow to dry thoroughly (ideally 24 hours) before re-oiling or staining or painting.

3 Oil, Stain or Paint to Finish

Once the decking’s clean and dry, you can use a decking oil, stain or paint to coat it.

What’s the Difference Between Oil, Stain and Paint?

Decking Oils

Decking Oils are designed to preserve and protect your decking by soaking into the grain of bare wood.

Restore you decking with decking oil.

They protect from within the wood, unlike decking stains or paints which are surface coatings. There are two types of decking oil available, either solvent based, or water based.

Solvent Based: Solvent based decking oils, as supplied by Liberon and Ronseal, are a traditional decking protection that work by replacing natural oils the timber has lost through weathering.The clear versions naturally darken the timber a little, similar to lightly wetting the wood with water. As the grain of hardwood timbers is so tight, solvent based oils are generally not suitable for this application, but they are probably the most popular finish for softwood decking.

Water Based: The latest generation of water-bourne Decking Oils are available in a wider range of colours, they are quicker drying and can last up to twice as long as traditional oils. Ronseal Ultimate Decking Oil and Cuprinol UV Guard Decking Oil are excellent examples of this latest technology.

See the image below for our range of decking oils and the colours available.

Rest Express stock quality decking oils in a variety of colours.
We stock the best brands of quality decking oils.

Decking Stain

Using a decking stain will give a natural look and it comes in a variety of colours from transparent to a semi-solid colour that is opaque and can partially fill pores of wood. It forms a thin film over the deck that lets both the natural grain pattern and superficial cracks in the wood show through.

Decking Paint

Decking paint gives a new lease of life to old or tired decking. With a wide range of colours available using a decking paint will fully fill the pores of the wood and it dries to an opaque surface that hides cracks and covers the distinct wood grain, resulting in a modern look.

Click on the image below to see our full range of decking stain and paint colours, that will inspire you to restore your decking.

Decking stains and paints, wide range of colours available.

Special Discounts on Decking Cleaner

Receive 25% off Cuprinol Decking Cleaner when you buy Cuprinol Decking Oil and Protection and Anti Slip Decking Stain.

We are also offering 25% of Liberon Decking Cleaner when you buy Liberon Decking Oil and Paint.

With any purchase of Ronseal Decking OilUltimate Decking Oil and Ultimate Decking Stain you will receive 15% of Ronseal Decking Cleaner and Reviver.

How To Video

We also have a short video, made in conjunction with Liberon, that will guide you through the deck cleaning and restoration process.

Let’s hope we have a fantastic summer so that we can enjoy being in our gardens and socialising on our freshly restored decking – Cheers!

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