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Category: Wood Restoration ‘How to’ Guide.

Fence Preserve
Rest Express – Wood Restoration ‘How to’ and Product Guides. This category shows you ‘how to’ guides for Rest Express products. Find out here how to restore your garden decking, garden fences and patios. It also has information on wood restoration. And which products to use, including Mirka sanders, wood paints and wood stains.

Transform a Small Garden with Colour

Small gardens can be transformed by adding coloured paint to garden walls and fences. With 30 different colours available you can create a bright ‘feature’ wall or hang painted plant pots from it. Alternatively use a darker paint, as a background, to help your plants standout. You can also create a modern look to tired decking by using decking paint. Don’t forget to include some comfy seating to relax on, then you will be all […]

Timber Density & Wood Stain Absorption.

As can be clearly seen by the illustration, a typical wood stain appears much darker on rough sawn timber than sanded or planed. It is important to take this into consideration when choosing a colour for a project (Our Wood Dye and Stain colour charts are based on sanded or planed timber). The rough surface when looked at under a magnifying glass has thousands of tiny fibres standing up in the softer grain. These absorb […]

Which Wood Preserver for Sheds and Fences?

Shed Preserver

There are plenty of Coloured and Clear wood preservers available for the garden, sheds and exterior rough sawn timber, but how do you choose which one is best for the job? We only supply the highest quality wood preserve products, to get the job done right, because who wants to do a job twice! Following we spotlight on a selection of the wood preservers that we stock, which offer a good level of protection against […]