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A view from our dispatch warehouse in Perrott’s Brook, Cirencester.

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Rest Express

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Founded in 1985, Weston Mitchell Ltd have specialised in restoration of fine furniture and cabinet making for over 20 years. Over this period we have gained knowledge and a stock of materials essential to the preservation and restoration of antique furniture ranging from period mirror plate and timber through to handles and fixings. In addition we stock veneers, specialist polishes, glues and associated items. Director, Weston Mitchell was finding it increasingly difficult to locate and purchase quality materials. Recently, with the demise of many traditional ironmongery shops, the increase in minimum orders from suppliers and difficulties of carriage, he found himself spending many hours a month sourcing materials. This, he realised was costing time and money, with frequent trips away from the workshop others must face the same problems. In twenty years of trading he has not had a service that would provide most of the items direct to the door.

Rest Express was created in 2005 to fill the ever increasing gap between workshops getting smaller and minimum orders getting larger.

Our aim is to aid workshops and craftsmen with a reliable service providing both knowledge and products at reasonable prices which in turn should keep overheads and time away from the bench or workshop to a minimum time = money.

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