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Rustins Wood Dye

Rustins Wood Dye

Rustins Wood Dye

Rustins Wood Dye is a quick drying, light fast, versatile, spirit based wood dye. It does not raise the grain, and colours can be intermixed to produce the exact shade required. Rustins Wood Dye is suitable for use indoors and out, but must be finished with a suitable coating.

Preparation: Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free of any previous finishes, wax, oil, grease and dust.

Application: Stir and shake well before use.
Apply evenly using a clean cotton cloth and wipe off any excess.
For a lighter shade, the dye may be diluted with White Spirit - 2 parts Dye to 1 part White Spirit.
For a darker shade, apply two coats (always test in an inconspicuous area first)
Suitable for use under all Rustins Wood Finishes.
Rustins Wood Dye can be mixed with Rustins Danish oil up to 20%, but for best results, apply to bare wood and then finish.

Please note, always test product on a spare or inconspicuous area for compatibility and end result. The colour chart may not be a true representation of the actual colour.

Precautions: The final colour depends on the final coating used, and the original colour of the wood. If more than one container will be required to complete the job, mix the contents together in a clean container to ensure a uniform result is achieved.
Before waxing, wood stained with Rustins Wood Dye must be sealed using a shellac sanding sealer.

Rustins Wood Dye is available in: Light Oak, Medium Oak, Dark Oak, Antique Pine, Pine, Brown Mahogany, Red Mahogany, Light Teak, Dark Teak, Walnut, Ebony

Rustins Wood Dye is available in 250ml, 1 litre and 2.5 litre containers.

Coverage - up to 24 sq m per litre (depends on absorbency of wood)
Application - Cloth
Drying Time - 1-2 hours
Recoating time - 2-4 hours (overnight if applying water based finishes)
Tool Cleaning - White Spirit
Usage - Interior and exterior (must be sealed)

Please also see our Wood Stains and Dyes product pages for alternative wood dyes and our Rustins Product section for the full range of Rustins products stocked.

Colour charts are intended as a guide only and actual results achieved may vary.

Rustins Wood Dye - 250ml

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Rustins Wood Dye - 1 litre

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Rustins Wood Dye - 2.5 litre

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