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Rustins Clear Plastic Floor Coating 1 litre

Brand: Rustins

Category: Hardware > Painting & Wall Covering Supplies

Price: 22.25 (Including VAT at 20%)

Recoatable 2-3 hours IconRecoatable 2-3 hours

Brush applied IconBrush applied

Coverage 12-15 SqMtrs per Litre per Coat IconCoverage 12-15 SqMtrs per Litre per Coat

Clean equipment with White Spirits IconClean equipment with White Spirits

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Rustins Plastic Floor Coating Satin is a two-part cold cure floor lacquer that has first-rate adhesion and long lasting performance, it is guaranteed not to craze or yellow with age and is an almost colourless lacquer.

Also available: Rustins Plastic Floor Coating 4 Litre.

Rustins Plastic Floor Coating is resistant to abrasion, scratching, most solvents, weak acids and alkalis. Rustins Plastic Floor Coating can be used on wood, cork, MDF, chipboard, laminates, slate and stone.

Rustins Plastic Floor Coating is quick drying and a second or third coat can be reapplied after approximately 1 - 1 1/2 hours. The floor in question can receive light foot traffic in just two-three hours after the last coat has been applied.

Preparation: Ensure the floor is clean, dry and free from any wax polish. Remove any previous wax finishes thoroughly with grade 3 wire wool and white spirits. Fill any small holes with Rustins Wood Filler and sand the floor back to bare wood. Larger cracks, joints or imperfections can be filled using a Rustins Floorboard Gap & Joint Filler gel mixed with your sawdust.

Colour change: A few drops of water on the sanded floor will give an indication as to the final floor colour once Rustins Plastic Floor Coating has been applied. If a different colour is required, stain the floor using Rustins Wood Dye which is available in a wide range of colours.

Application: Apply with a Mako Flooring Brush or a large good quality hand brush such as the Mako Acer Pro brush.

Suitable for: Wooden, Cork and Laminate flooring

4 Litre Pack Contains: 4 Litre Plastic Floor Coating, 250ml Hardener, 500ml Thinners/Brush Cleaner.

Brush cleaning: Clean brushes immediately after use with the Rustins Thinners provided in the pack.

Drying Time: 1 - 2 hours between coats

Coverage: 12-14 SqMtrs/ litre/ coat (4 litre pack = 2 coats on 24-28 SqMtr floor)

Finishes available: Gloss or Satin

Available in: 4 litres